Who Accredits Missouri Valley?

Missouri Valley College is accredited by Higher Learning Commission (1/1/1916 - Current[Estimated Date]).

  • Programmatic Accredited: 2 programs

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Institutional Accreditation

Missouri Valley College is accredited by Higher Learning Commission (1/1/1916 - Current[Estimated Date]). Below table shows the institutional accreditation at Missouri Valley College with agency information and accredited period.
Institutional Accreditation for Missouri Valley College
AgencyAccreditation StatusAccredited Period
Higher Learning CommissionAccredited (1/1/1916 - Current[Estimated Date])

Programmatic Accreditation

Missouri Valley College has 2 programmatic accredited programs. Below table list the programs with agency name and accredited period.
Programmatic Accreditation for Programs at Missouri Valley College
ProgramAgency NameAccreditation StatusAccredited Period
Baccalaureate Degree Nursing ProgramsMissouri State Board of NursingAccredited (6/2/2009 - Current)
Nursing (CNURED) - Nursing education programs at the baccalaureate degree levelsCommission on Collegiate Nursing EducationAccredited (2/6/2013 - Current)

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