Williams vs. Davidson

Compare two schools with tuition, admission, test scores, and more academic characteristics.

Williams vs. Davidson


Both Williams and Davidson are private. Williams is located in Williamstown, MA and Davidson is located in Davidson, NC.
  • Williams has more expensive tuition of $57,280 than Davidson ($52,991).
  • Williams has tighter acceptance rate of 13% than Davidson (18%).
  • Williams has higher SAT scores of 1,480 than Davidson (1,398).
  • Williams is larger with 2,149 students than Davidson (1,843 students).
Williams College
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Davidson College
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#4 in Liberal Arts Colleges
#3 in Massachusetts
Rankings#10 in Liberal Arts Colleges
#2 in North Carolina
Private, 4 yearsSchool TypePrivate, 4 years
Williamstown, MALocationDavidson, NC
Offered DegreesBachelor's
Baccalaureate College - Arts & SciencesCarnegie ClassificationBaccalaureate College - Arts & Sciences
Tuition & Fees
$48,763Financial Aid$39,122
$65 undergraduate
$75 graduate
Application Fee$50
13%Acceptance Rate18%
1,480 SAT, 101 ACTTest Scores1,398 SAT
Student Population
2,149Total Students1,843
Online Enrollment
Graduation Rate & Outcomes
95%Graduation Rate91%
1%Transfer-out Rate
99%Retention Rate95%
$89,800Average Earning after Graduation$71,100
Special Learning Opportunities and Student Services
Not OfferedDistance Learning (Online Classes)Not Offered
Study AbroadSpecial OpportunitiesROTC
Study Abroad
✔ (Dormitory Capacity: 2,014)
$7,350 average annual costs
On-Campus Living✔ (Dormitory Capacity: 1,752)
$7,315 average annual costs
✔ (21 meals per week)
$7,150 average annual costs
Meal Plan✔ (19 meals per week)
$7,057 average annual costs
Faculties and Staffs
6 to 1Students to Faculty Ratio9 to 1
320 Full-time
65 Part-time
Number of Faculties210 Full-time
15 Part-time
1,050 Full-time
250 Part-time
Number of Staffs786 Full-time
91 Part-time
$114,650 for Faculties
$68,751 Part-time
Average Salary$104,185 for Faculties
$60,481 Part-time
All data used in our site is from IPEDS (The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System), U.S. Department of Education, academic year 2019-2020