Who Accredits Logan?

Logan University is accredited by Higher Learning Commission (1/1/1987 - Current[Estimated Date]).

  • Programmatic Accredited: 1 programs

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Institutional Accreditation

Logan University is accredited by Higher Learning Commission (1/1/1987 - Current[Estimated Date]). Below table shows the institutional accreditation at Logan University with agency information and accredited period.
Institutional Accreditation for Logan University
AgencyAccreditation StatusAccredited Period
Higher Learning CommissionAccredited (1/1/1987 - Current[Estimated Date])

Programmatic Accreditation

Logan University has 1 programmatic accredited programs. Below table list the programs with agency name and accredited period.
Programmatic Accreditation for Programs at Logan University
ProgramAgency NameAccreditation StatusAccredited Period
Chiropractic (CHIRO) - Programs leading to the D.C. degreeThe Council on Chiropractic Education, Commission on AccreditationAccredited (6/1/1978 - Current)

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