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In United States, 0 schools offer Library Science program. The average tuition & fees at the schools is -.

2020 Average Tuition for Library Science Programs

Total 0 schools offer the Library Science programs. Its average tuition & fees is -.
2020 Tuition & Fees of Library Science programs
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What is Library Science Program?

Library Science is Instructional programs that focus on the knowledge and skills required for managing and/or maintaining libraries and related information and record systems, collections and facilities for research and general use.

Sub Major Programs and Concentrated area of Library Science

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A program that focuses on the knowledge and skills required to develop, organize, store, retrieve, administer, and facilitate the use of local, remote, and networked collections of information in print, audiovisual, and electronic formats and that prepares individuals for professional service as librarians and information consultants
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A program that prepares individuals to provide library and information services and programming for children and young adults. Includes instruction in information needs of children and young adults, resources and services for children and young adults, literature for youth, storytelling, multi-ethnic materials, library management, and information technology for librarians
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A program that prepares individuals to identify, manage, preserve, and make available records with long-term value for documentation, legal, research, and other purposes. Includes instruction in appraisal and collection development, information and records management, archival preservation, access systems, management of electronic records, archival outreach, and legal and ethical issues
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A program that prepares individuals to assist professional librarians and archivists. Includes instruction in principles, systems, processes, and procedures of library and archive operation; library resources and services; processes of acquisition, cataloging, storage, and display systems; discovery and retrieval of requested materials; and management of books, periodicals, and other documents and records
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Any instructional program in Library Science which is not categorized in sub area
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Colleges Offering Library Science program

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