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'Life experience degrees' or 'work experience degrees' are degrees that individuals can obtain through their past experiences in a related field. These degrees are designed for adults and professionals who have enough experiences in their respective fields but due to various reasons could not get a professional degree.

The concept of 'Degrees on the basis of Life Experience or Work Experience' originated in 1987 and was evolved from the philosophy of getting some course credits on the basis of experience as offered by the top schools of United States of America.

These degrees are excellent resume builders and by getting one relevant experience based degree, you will be able to prove yourself with the desired job or a promotion. It is a big prospect for international students who want to earn their degree from their home without traveling all over to any other country or state.Earning this degree is highly flexible and time saving, as you won't need to attend any classes, take exams, get admission, or study books it is purely earned on your professional experience in your academic career or past job or training in military, personal hobbies or vocational training. [from Online Education Facts]

Accreditation of Life Experience Schools

First of all, yes, they are all accredited. But the question you think you want to know is if they are regionally accredited and recognized by the US Government. The answer is they are not. Some of these schools fully disclose their accreditation status and some try to fool you into thinking they are regionally accredited.

There are only 3 schools that offer Life Experience Degrees that are fully accredited and recognized by the US Government. They are:

You can jump on one of their websites one Saturday morning and get your life experience degree, but before doing that, I thinks it's better to see next two pages carefully.

published on April 28, 2012
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